Adobe Experience Manager delivers a digital experience management solution for marketers and IT to design, anticipate, and deliver rapidly adaptable experiences across web, mobile, in-store, and any end point in the customer journey.  The product launched with a focus on technical audiences, therefore Knack was asked to help reach and engage senior marketing leaders.

To accomplish this task, Knack first conducted an audit of all content and messaging that had been designed for technical audiences – thus ensuring a cohesive message, and identifying opportunities to amplify existing value props already in market. A go-to-market strategy, leveraging channel and audience insights was developed. The campaign leveraged an e-book and case studies designed to attract appropriate business decision makers within target accounts and position Adobe Experience Manager as the powerfully simple way to effectively connect and curate delightful, personally compelling, effective experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

Due to the success seen in the US market, the campaign has recently launched in EMEA and APAC.


337 marketing automation qualified leads (MAQLs)

100% of MAQLs within target accounts

55% of MAQLs converted to sales accepted leads (SAL)